Dimethyl Sulfoxide-D6 Cas:2206-27-1

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Dimethyl Sulfoxide-D6


Deuterated dimethyl sulfoxide is a sulfur-containing organic compound. It is a colorless and odorless transparent liquid at room temperature. It is a hygroscopic flammable liquid with high polarity, high boiling point, good thermal stability, non-proton, It is miscible with water and soluble in most organic substances such as ethanol, propanol, and chloroform. It is known as the ”universal solvent” and is widely used as a solvent and reaction reagent, especially as a processing solvent and spinning solvent, such as Polyurethane synthesis and spinning solvents, polyamide, polyimide and polysulfone resin synthesis solvents, as well as aromatic hydrocarbons, butadiene extraction solvents and synthetic chlorofluoroaniline solvents, etc. In addition, it is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Product Name

Dimethyl Sulfoxide-D6

Other Name

Hexadeuteriodimethyl sulfoxide



Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:



Transparent liquid


Stable isotopes; NMR solvents and reagents; sulfur-containing compounds; isotope-labeled products; catalysts; pharmaceutical raw materials; chemical raw materials;



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