trioctylmethylammonium chloride Cas:5137-55-3

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trioctylmethylammonium chloride

Chemical Name:trioctylmethylammonium chloride
Synonyms:trioctylmethylammonium chloride
methyltrioctylammonium chloride
N-Methyl-N,N-dioctyloctan-1-aminium chloride
tri-n-octylmethylammonium chloride
Methyl trioctyl ammonium chloride
Physical and Chemical Properties:
Density 0.884 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point 240°C
Melting Point -20°C
Molecular Formula C25H54ClN
Molecular Weight 404.156
Flash Point >230 °F
Exact Mass 403.394470
LogP 5.51850
Index of Refraction n20/D 1.4665(lit.)
Appearance:Light yellow cream
Packing:20 kg/drum, 50kg/drum or 180 kg/drum, can also be packaged according to customer requirements
Storage:Store in a cool, ventilated place
Application:Can be used as catalyzer in antioxidant, metals extracts, transfering catalyzer, surfactant.
Our quaternary ammonium salt series products reach more than 200 kinds, and the product categories cover high-content quaternary ammonium salt (powder, crystal, paste), low-content quaternary ammonium salt (liquid, paste), special quaternary ammonium salt, and quaternary ammonium salt. Alkali, etc., and can provide customized services for related products.
Our main R&D directions are: oilfield chemicals and quaternary ammonium salt downstream products (such as emulsifiers for pesticides, disinfectants for aquatic products, surfactants with special requirements for daily chemicals, etc.) and new innovative structures Surfactant. Therefore, in addition to supplying conventional surfactant products, we can also customize various surfactant products with special requirements according to customer needs to meet the special needs of various industries for surfactants.

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