Tetrafluoroethylene-pentafluoroethyl iodide telomer Cas:25398-32-7

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Tetrafluoroethylene-pentafluoroethyl iodide telomer

Perfluoroethyl iodide-tetrafluoroethylene telomer
Ethane, pentafluoroiodo-, telomer with tetrafluoroethene (9CI)
Pentafluoroethyl iodide-tetrafluoroethylene telomer
Pentafluoroiodoethane-tetrafluoroethylene telomer
Ethane, pentafluoroiodo-, telomer with tetrafluoroethylene (8CI)
Ethene, tetrafluoro-, telomer with pentafluoroiodoethane (9CI)
Ethene, 1,1,2,2-tetrafluoro-, telomer with 1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoro-2-iodoethane
Ethylene, tetrafluoro-, telomer with pentafluoroiodoethane (8CI)
Molecular Formula:  C70F145I5
Molecular weight: 4230.04000
Density: 1.8
Boiling point: 60°C to 110°C (US/CA), 20°C to 135°C (EU)
Melting point: not available
Vapor pressure: 1270mmHg at 25°C

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