Sodium L-pyroglutama Cas:28874-51-3

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Sodium L-pyroglutama

Sodium L-pyroglutama Cas 28874-51-3 manufacturer supply

Appearance: Clear transparent liquid

Assay: 50%-55%

Packaging: 200kg/drum; 25kg/drum

Capality: 500MT/year

Sample: Available

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Category: Cosmetic Raw Materials

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Sodium L-pyroglutama

Sodium L-pyroglutama

Chemical Name: Sodium L-pyroglutama

Other Name: Sodium PCA; Na- PCA

CAS No.: 28874-51-3

Molecular Formula: C5H6NNaO3

Molecular weight: 151.1

Appearance: Clear transparent liquid

Assay: 50%-55%

Sodium L-pyroglutama Typical Properties

Item Specification
Appearance Clear transparent liquid
pHvalue 6.5-7.5
Assay 50%-55%
Heavy Metal ≤10ppm

Sodium L-pyroglutama Usage

The application in cosmetics is of course used as a moisturizer, and its moisturizing ability is stronger than traditional moisturizers such as glycerin, propylene glycol and sorbitol.

1.Mainly used in cream cosmetics, solutions, shampoo, etc., but also in place of glycerin for toothpaste, ointment drugs, tobacco, leather, coatings for wetting agents, and chemical fiber dyeing auxiliaries, softeners, antistatic agent , Is also biochemical reagents.

2.Cosmetic insulation agent

PCA-Na Department of natural moisturizing factor is one of the important ingredients, high moisture absorption, and non-toxic, non-stimulating, good stability, is the modern skin care ideal natural make-up health care products, can skin and hair withwetting ,Softness, elasticity and gloss, and antistatic property.

3.Skin whitening agent

PCA-Na is an excellent skin whitening agent, the inhibition of tyrosine oxidase activity, can prevent the “melanoid” in the skindeposition,so that the skin white.

4.Horny softening agent

PCA-Na can do keratin softening agent, the skin “psoriasis” have a good therapeutic effect.

PCA-Na is mainly used in cream cosmetics, solutions, shampoo, etc., also used in glycerin for toothpaste, ointment drugs, tobacco, leather, paint as wetting agent, and chemical fiber dyeing auxiliaries, softeners, Anti-static agent, is also biochemical reagents.

Sodium L-pyroglutama Packaging and Shipping

Packaging: 200kg/drum; 25kg/drum.

Port: Shanghai or other China port.

Sodium L-pyroglutama Storage

This product is transported according to general chemical products, pay attention to rain, moisture, and store in dry and ventilated place.

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