Potassium Periodate Cas:7790-21-8

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Potassium Periodate

Product Description:

Product Name: Potassium periodate CAS NO: 7790-21-8



Potassium metaperiodate;

Periodic acid potassium salt;



Chemical & Physical Properties:

Appearance: Colourless crystals or white crystalline powder

Assay :≥99.0%

Density: 3.618

Melting Point: 582℃

Water Solubility: 0.42 g/100 mL (20℃)

Stability: Stable. Strong oxidizer – contact with combustible materials may cause fire. Incompatible with organic material, combustible material, strong reducing agents, powdered metals.

Storage Condition: 2-8℃


Safety Information:

Hazard Class: 5.1

Safety Statements: S17-S26-S37/39

Packing Group: II

WGK Germany: 3


Risk Statements: R36/37/38; R8

Hazard Code: Xi

Hazard Declaration: H272; H315; H319; H335

Signal Word: Danger

Caution Statement: P220; P261; P305 + P351 + P338

Symbol: GHS03, GHS07


Potassium periodate is an inorganic salt with the molecular formula KIO4. It is composed of a potassium cation and a periodate anion and may also be regarded as the potassium salt of periodic acid. Note that the pronunciation is per-iodate, not period-ate.

Unlike other common periodates, such as sodium periodate and periodic acid, it is only available in the metaperiodate form; the corresponding potassium orthoperiodate (K5IO6) has never been reported.


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