polyphosphoric acid Cas:8017-16-1

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polyphosphoric acid

polyphosphoric acid
Polyphosphoric Acid
Phosphonic acid

molecular formula: H3O3P
Molecular weight: 81.99580
Physical Properties:
PPA is colorless transparent viscous liquid, hygroscopic, non-crystallizable,corrosive, water soluble into orthophosphate acid. Acidity is weaker than nitric acid and sulfuric acid. Non-oxidicability, could cause burns when meeting H vesicant. Specific gravity is 2.1g/cm3. Normal boiling point is 856℃, keeping hard glassy block upon lowtemperature and liquid when heating up to 50~60℃. Relative density is 1.987(P2O5 80.0%); 2.052(P2O5 84.0%); 2.084(P2O5 86.0%). Hazard label 20 (corrosives acidic properties). High viscidity, hard to stir or pour under normal temperature, and easily to operate when temperature is above 60℃, omit heat when solublein water, should be under ice-bath station when making dilution.
Items Standard(Tech Grade) Result
Appearance Colorless transparent viscous liquid Qualified
Main content ≥115% 115.50%
P2O5% ≥83% 83.30%
Sulfate ≤0.01 0.0095
Viscosity (CP) 35000 35000
chroma (Heep) ≤50 46
Heave metal (Pb) % ≤0.01 0.007
Fe% ≤0.01 0.008
As% ≤0.01 0.008
Conclusion Qualified  
PPA is widely used on medicine, parfum, leather, chemical industry, compounds cyclizing agent, acidifying agent, dehydrating agent in organic synthesis. And used as substitute for orthophosphate.
Package and Storage:
(Ⅲ)plastic or glass bottles outer wooden case, inner for non-inflammable materials. Storage in dry and ventilated place. It is strictly forbidden to store and transport together with alkaline, poison and corrosive

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