Polymercaptan GH310 Cas:72244-98-5

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Polymercaptan GH310

Polymercaptan GH310
GABEPRO GPM-888 Amine-catalyzed Mercaptan Curing Agent
Appearance: Light yellow clear liquid
Viscosity: 10000-16000 mpa.s
Color: ≤2
Product description
GH310 is an amine catalyzed epoxy curing material that cures rapidly at room temperature. It can be used as a single curing agent, or as an accelerator for amine or amide curing agents. Can replace GPM888.
After the modified polythiol curing agent series products are mixed with epoxy resin, they can achieve rapid gel curing under low temperature and thin coating film, and have obvious advantages over other curing agents in rapid repair, winter and low temperature operation. .
As an important epoxy rapid curing agent in the fields of rapid bonding, lamination, casting, etc., it is widely used in craft accessories, electronic appliances, civil construction, composite materials, photovoltaic new energy and other industries.

1. Excellent low temperature curing ability;
2. The curing time is 3-5 minutes;
3. Low toxicity
1. Civil adhesives;
2. Emergency repair adhesives such as auto repair agents;
3. Model and craft adhesives and coatings;
4. Industrial adhesives;
5. Electronic and electrical adhesives;
6. Concrete slurry and repair agent;
7. Coatings;
8. Other epoxy systems accelerate curing
Storage and packaging
220L/drum or 1000L IBC drum
This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.
This product is transported as a non-hazardous chemical.

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