Polymercaptan GH300 Cas:72244-98-5

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Polymercaptan GH300

Polymercaptan GH300
GABEPRO GPM-800 Mercaptan Polymer Curing Agent
gabriel mercaptan
capcure 3-800
capcure 3830-81
amine cured epoxy
amidoamine curing agent
huntsman epoxy curing agents
polyamide curing agent
Polymercaptan curing agent
Epoxy resin
mercaptan based epoxy hardener
epoxy curing agent
amine hardener
Appearance: Clear liquid
SH: ≥12
Color: ≤30
Viscosity: 12000 – 15000 mPa·s
Product description
GH300 is an effective liquid curing agent for epoxy resins with light color and low toxicity. It has very fast curing speed at lower temperature and small film thickness, and can further improve the curing speed when used together with amine curing agent. Can replace GPM800/ Capcure3800/ QE340-M.
Can be used as epoxy resin curing agent/accelerator for quick-drying coatings, adhesives, casting, etc. It is especially suitable for use in the field of quick repair glue and low temperature curing in winter operations.
1. Fast curing at room temperature, with a variety of curing speed options;
2. Good transparency, low color;
3. Good heat resistance, water resistance and solvent resistance
1. Industrial quick adhesive;
2. Building structural adhesive;
3. Epoxy potting, lamination, casting;
4. Epoxy curing accelerator
Storage and packaging
220L/drum or 1000L IBC drum
This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.
This product is transported as a non-hazardous chemical.

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