Platinum powder Cas:7440-06-4

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Platinum powder

Product Name Platinum powder
Molecular formula


Molecular weight 195.23
CAS No 7440-06-4
EINECS 231-116-1

Purity 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%

Appearance traits

Platinum is silver white metal. Soluble in aqua regia, molten alkali. Also soluble in hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid and hydrochloric acid in the mixture. Powdered platinum can absorb hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon monoxide.


Used for the synthesis of nitric acid, used in the manufacture of jewelry, wires, laboratory containers, thermocouples, corrosion resistance equipment, dental materials, etc.. Platinum powder can be used as catalyst, electric instrument, chemical industry and manufacturing precision alloy, etc.. Used for producing precision alloy, used as catalyst, oxidant and gas absorbent



Other product information

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