Petroleum Resin Cas:68131-77-1

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Petroleum Resin

Petroleum Resin CAS 68131-77-1 manufacturer supply

Appearance:Light yellow to brown pastilles Capacity:100MT/Month Packaging:25KG/bag Sample:available

Category: Polymer

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Petroleum Resin

Petroleum Resin

Chemical Name:Petroleum resin CAS No.:68131-77-1 Appearance:Light yellow to brown pastilles

Petroleum ResinTypical Properties

Item Specifications
C5 C9
Appearance Yellowish pastilles Light yellow to brown pastilles
Softening range ≤80-120℃
Acid value ≤0.5mgKOH/g
gl₂/100g % 20-120 60-120
Ash,650℃,2h ≤0.1%

Petroleum Resin Usage Petroleum resin C5/C9 is to increase adhesion and wetting effect.Its application includes pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive,pressure sensitive adhesive,paint road(traffic paint),paint,hot melt adhesive,adhesives,inks,and rubber etc.

Petroleum Resin Packaging and Shipping Packing:25KG/Drum Delivery:General goods

Petroleum Resin Storage Storage Conditions:Storeinacool,dry,well-ventilated place

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