perfluorodecane Cas:307-45-9

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Decane, docosafluoro-
Molecular Formula: C10F22
Molecular weight:538.07200
Density: 1.713g/cm3
Boiling point: 144ºC
Melting point: 36ºC
Flash point: 55.5ºC
Refractive index: 1.261

Our company is committed to establishing a complete fluorochemical products and technology platform to provide customers with convenient one-stop services. Our products are widely used in the manufacture of new materials, pharmaceutical research and development and the development of new pesticides. The fluorine product categories include fluorine-containing material raw materials, fluorinated reagents, fluorine-containing building blocks, fluorine-containing reagents and fluorine-containing gases for synthesis. Shanghai Fluorine Technology will strive to build a complete industrial chain from fluorine-containing raw material procurement, fluorination technology research and development, fluorine-containing product production, fluorine-containing product storage, fluorine-containing product quality control and fluorine-containing product application.

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