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Product Name:Naphthenic Acid
Naphthenic Acid3-(3-ethylcyclopentyl)propanoic acidNaphthenic acidsCAS NO.:1338-24-5
Chemical Properties
This product is a by-product of petroleum, has a special smell, is almost insoluble in water, but is soluble in organic solvents such as petroleum ether, ethanol, benzene and hydrocarbons, has good chemical saponification with alkali, and has a corrosive effect on some metals.
Appearance: Brown yellow oily liquid
Crude acid value, mgKOH/g: ≥190
Pure acid value, mgKOH/g: ≥210
Assay: ≥ 75.0%
Water: ≤ 0.5%
Color: ≤ 15
Density(20℃), kg/m3: 0.93~0.97
This product can be used as raw material for the production of naphthenic acid salts, paint driers, ink driers, unsaturated polyester resin accelerators, catalysts, insecticides, and fungicides. PVC, PEC plastic processing aids, hydrometallurgical rare earth extractants, preservatives, etc.; also used in lubricating oil, oil additives; synthetic detergents, surfactants, etc.
Package and Storage
200L/drum, store at room temperature away from light.

Analysis Project Quality Index analyze data
Crude acid value, MgKOH/g not less than 190 197.51
Pure acid value, MgKOH/g not less than 210 255.61
Naphthenic acid content, % (mass fraction) not less than 75 77.27
Moisture, % (volume fraction) not more than 0.5 0.29
Color no more than 15 13
Density (20 degrees Celsius), kg/m3 / 941.2

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