N-Methyl-4-(p-formyl styryl)-pyridinium methyl sulfate (SBQ) Cas:74401-04-0

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N-Methyl-4-(p-formyl styryl)-pyridinium methyl sulfate (SBQ)

Product: SBQ
CAS: 74401-04-0
N-Methyl-4-(p-formyl styryl)-pyridinium methyl sulfate
SBQ Powder
Chemical & Physical Properties
Molecular Formula: C16H17NO5S
Molecular Weight: 335.37500
Exact Mass: 335.08300
PSA: 95.76000
LogP: 2.66780
Appearance: Yellow crystalline powder
Assay: 98%min
Solubility: Easily soluble in water
PH: 4-6
Used as compound material of water solubility photosensitive coatings. Mainly used for production of silk printing photo gelation. Better character than binary diazo powder , for it is high stable without any dark reaction, higher photosensitization and thermal stability.
Negative working sensitizer for presensitized offset plates used in esterifation, Substitute for Diazo intermediate, yet provide higher quality and rapid exposure time, with longer shelf-life.
SBQ’S Applications:
1) organic vinylpyridine resin (SBQ photosensitive resin) Add resistant water –solubility resin with other auxiliary, SBQ photosensitive resin can make out single-fluid style of resistant water –solubility SBQ photosensitive resin for production of silk printing plate, through which can be used for water solubility Printing Inks. sizing material mucilage glue. printing material ect. Printing Image on textile ,clothes, towel paper have strong points of high senitization, good sharpness of separation , smooth surface.
2) organic vinylpyridine resin (SBQ photosensitive resin )Add resistant water –solubility resin with other auxiliary, SBQ photosensitive resin can make out single-fluid style of resistant solvent. SBQ photosensitive resin, for production of resistant solvent printing ink plate, which can be used for solvent printing inks, Such as antiwelding printing ink, relief printing ink , pile coating printing ink. Plactic soluble printing ink, froth printing ink and so on, it is mainly used for printing products : PCB, Meter, AD brand plate, all kinds of brand, nameplate, decal paper, plastic, glass, metal, leather and ect.
3) organic vinylpyridine resin (SBQ photosensitive resin) can be supplied for the use of offset printing.
Package and storage
200L/drum, 25L/drum.
This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.
Non-dangerous goods

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