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Solubility in methanol Colorless & clear (c=4)
Loss on drying Not more than 0.3%
Residue on ignition (as sulfate) Not more than 0.2%
Chloride (Cl) Not more than 0.1%
Sulfate (SO4) Not more than 0.02%
Heavy metals (as Pb) Not more than 10ppm
Assay 98.5%~101.0%



Related News: At Day 35 following administration, a bone marrow assessment showed that FT819 persisted and continued to demonstrate tumor clearance, whereas primary CAR T cells, while persisting, were not able to control tumor growth.4-CLORO-BIS- (2-METHOXYETHOXY) -4 (3H) -QUINAZOLINONE CAS:183377-18-1 Under the high pressure of environmental protection, if Chinese API companies want to achieve sustainable operation, they must recognize the current situation, increase environmental investment, and carry out industrial upgrades, focusing on new product development, process improvement, CMO business and new technology research. And other businesses to carry out work to improve safety, environmental protection, quality, cost and other capabilities, so as to seize structural opportunities.Yoduro de 2-cloro-1-metilpiridinio CAS:14338-32-0 From the perspective of the corresponding formulation manufacturer, the drug substance needs to meet the requirements of impurities and stability. The production base must pass the international quality system certifications such as cGMP and EuGMP. At the same time, the drug substance company must have sufficient capacity.2-Fluoro-N-methylaniline CAS:1978-38-7 APIs are generally manufactured through a variety of processes that include.It is frequently associated with the presence of blasts or leukemic cells in the marrow.

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