N-(2-hydroxypropyl)ethylenediamine Cas:123-84-2

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Product Name N-(2-hydroxypropyl)ethylenediamine
Alias 1-(2-AMINOETHYLAMINO)-2-PROPANOL ; Aminoethylisopropanolamine ;1-[(2-aminoethyl)amino]-2-propano
Molecular formula


Molecular weight 118.17
CAS No 123-84-2
EINECS 204-657-6

N- (2-hydroxypropyl) ethylenediamine≥99.70%;

Ethylenediamine ≤0.30%;

The chromatic degree ≤15 black;

Moisture ≤0.30%

Appearance traits

Colorless or light yellow liquid

Boiling point: 112 ℃

Flash point: 94 ℃


It is used to produce surfactant and medicine pyrazinamide.



Other product information


Not dangerous goods

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