MONOCAPRYLIN Cas:26402-26-6

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Glycerol α-Monooctanoate1-Monooctanoyl Glycerol2,3-Dihydroxypropyl octanoate

Glycerol α-Monooctanoate
1-Monooctanoyl Glycerol

molecular formula: C11H22O4
Molecular weight: 218.29000


Physical Properties:
Density: 1.044g/cm3
Boiling point: 340ºC at 760 mmHg
Flash point: 123.4ºC
Refractive index: 1.465
Vapor Pressure: 5.91E-06mmHg at 25°C

Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
Appearance Light yellow liquid Conform
Monocaprylicglyceride content ≥80% 81%
Free Glycerol ≤2.0% 0.8%
Iodine value ≤2.0 g/100g 1.0 g/100g
Free acid (caprylic acid) ≤1.5% 0.6%
Saponification value 250-270 mgKOH/g 262 mgKOH/g
Total arsenic (in arsenic) ≤3.0 mg/kg <3.0 mg/kg
Pb ≤2.0 mg/kg <2.0 mg/kg
Conclusion Conforms to Factory Standard

Glycerol monocaproate (glyceryl monocaproate), a caprylic acid monoglyceride with excellent antibacterial activity. Monoacrylimide can inhibit a variety of food-borne pathogenic microorganisms and spoilage microorganisms, and has the potential to replace food preservative research
Package and Storage:
Net content 20kg/barrel, 200kg/barrel.
It should be stored in a low temperature, cool, ventilated and dry place, and should not stand upside down. It is strictly forbidden to store and transport together with inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful items.

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