Methylglyoxal 1,1-dimethyl acetal Cas:6342-56-9

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Methylglyoxal 1,1-dimethyl acetal

Methylglyoxal 1,1-dimethyl acetal
Pyruvaldehyde, 1-(dimethyl acetal)

molecular formula: C5H10O3
Molecular weight: 118.13100
Physical Properties:
Appearance and properties: slightly transparent-yellow liquid
Density: 0.976
Boiling point: 143-147ºC Melting point: -57ºC
Flash point: 37ºC
Refractive index: 1.397-1.399


Appearance: slightly yellow liquid

For the preparation of antitumor drugs, anti-cardiovascular drugs, anti-ulcer drugs, antibiotics, bactericides and fungicides,
Drugs and pesticides such as folic acid and carotenoids, and used in the preparation of organic solvents.

Package and Storage:
200kg/plastic-lined iron drum


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