Methylene Blue trihydrate Cas:7220-79-3

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Methylene Blue trihydrate

Methylene Blue trihy
Methylene Blue BB
Molecular Formula: C16H24ClN3O3S
Molecular weight:373.12300
Appearance and properties: dark green solid
Melting point: 190 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Flash point: 14 °C
Water solubility: 4 g/100 mL
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with bases, reducing agents, strong oxidizing agents.
Storage conditions: Store at RT.

Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
Appearance Dark green crystalline powder Conform
Assay ≥98.0% 99.0%
Loss on drying ≤15.0% 15.0%
Residue on ignition ≤0.5% 0.5%
Solubility Soluble in water, ethanol, insoluble in ethers Conform
Cu ≤0.03% 0.03%
Zn ≤0.02% 0.02%
As ≤0.0005% 0.0005%
Conclusion Conforms to Factory Standard

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