Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether Cas:163702-07-6

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Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether

Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether cas 163702-07-6 manufacturer supply

Purity: 99%min

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Capacity: 600MT/Year

Packaging: 1KG/Fluorinated bottle, 25KG or 250KG/drum

Sample: Available

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Category: Organic Intermediate

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Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether

Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether

Chemical Name: Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether

CAS No.: 163702-07-6

Molecular Formula: C5H3F9O

Molecular Weight: 250.06

Molecular Structure:

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Assay,w/% ≥99.00%MIN
Acid value (hydrochloric acid) ≤10ppm
Water(KF) ≤50ppm
Cl- ≤10ppm
Evaporative residue No significant residue


Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether Usage

· Industrial field:

Cleaning Fluids

Deposition Solvents

Heat Transfer Fluids

Electronic Cooling

Spot-free water drying agent(with surfactants added)

Specialty solvents, dispersion media,reaction media

Dielectric test media

· Cosmetic field:

Foaming in some mask

As a formulation solvent for spray products

Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 1KG/Fluorinated bottle, 25KG or 250KG/drum,  or as customers’ requirements

Delivery: No special requirement

Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether Storage

Store in a cool and dry place

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