Methyl 2-(3-oxo-2-pentylcyclopentyl)acetate Cas:24851-98-7

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Methyl 2-(3-oxo-2-pentylcyclopentyl)acetate

(+)-Methyl dihydrojasmonate
Methyl 2-(3-oxo-2-pentylcyclopentyl)acetate
(3-Oxo-2-pentylcyclopentyl)acetic acid methyl ester,Methyl,3-oxo-2-pentylcyclopentyl)acetate
methyl 3-oxo-2-pentylcyclopentaneacetate
2-Amylcyclopentan-1-one-3-acetic Acid Methyl Ester
Methyl 3-Oxo-2-pentyl-1-cyclopentaneacetate
EINECS 246-495-9
Cyclopentaneacetic acid, 3-oxo-2-pentyl-, methyl ester, (1R,2S)-
Dihydrojasmonic Acid Methyl Ester
Methyl [(1R,2S)-3-oxo-2-pentylcyclopentyl]acetate
Methyl dihydrojasmonate

molecular formula: C13H22O3
Molecular weight: 226.312
Physical Properties:
Appearance: Light rice yellow to yellow transparent oily liquid
Density: 1.0±0.1 g/cm3
Boiling point: 307.8±15.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash point : 130.8±20.4 °C
Vapor Pressure: 0.0±0.7 mmHg at 25°C
Refractive index: 1.453

Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
Appearance Colourless to pale yellow liquid Qualified
Odor Floral, Jasmine. Qualified
Purity ≥98.0% 98.7%
Refractive Index(20℃) 1.457 ~1.461 1.459
Relative Density (20℃/20℃) 0.998 ~1.006 1.002
Acid Value ≤1.0mgKOH/g 0.06mgKOH/g
 BHT 500±100ppm 509ppm
Conclusion Conform to the enterprise standard
1. It can be used to prepare artificial jasmine absolute oil, jasmine and tuberose base. Used in small amounts on lily of the valley, it thickens and imparts a mild roundness. It is also used in non-flower type Suxin orchid, oriental type, and new cologne type, and the effect is very good. It can be used in harmony with woody fragrance.
2. GB 2760–1996 specifies the edible spices that are temporarily allowed to be used.

Package and Storage:
25KG, 200KG barrels

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