Lithium Difluorophosphate (LiPO2F2) Cas:24389-25-1

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Lithium Difluorophosphate (LiPO2F2)

Lithium Difluorophosphate (LiPO2F2)
Lithium Difluorophosphate
lithium phosphorodifluoridate
Li difluorophosphate

Molecular Formula: F2LiO2P 
Molecular weight:107.91000

Physical Properties:
Appearance: white powdery solid
Melting point>300℃
Solubility: 40324mg/L (20℃)
Vapor pressure 0.000000145Pa (25℃, 298K)

Purity: ≥99.5%
Moisture: ≤0.0050%
Fluoride ion: ≤50mg/kg
Chloride ion: ≤5 mg/kg
Sulfate: s20 mg/kg

This product is mainly used in the electrolyte of lithium ion secondary batteries, forming a film on the electrode interface to improve high and low temperature cycle performance, reduce battery self-discharge, and effectively reduce the amount of lithium hexafluorophosphate used.
Package and Storage:
This product is stored in an airtight container, placed in a cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse, and direct sunlight is prohibited.


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