Light Stabilizer 3853PP5

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Fatty acids, C12−21 and C18−unsaturated
2,2,6,6−tetramethyl−4−piperidinyl esters
Molecular Formula: C27H53NO2,(C3H6)n
Molecular Weight: 352

ACTIVE COMPONENT % 47.50-52.50

*  UV 3853PP5 is a 50% active concentrate of the hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS)  UV 3853 in a polypropylene carrier resin.
*  UV 3853PP5 is particularly suited for use in PP film/tape/injection molding applications and in TPO.End use applications for which this product is ideal include PP and TPO automotive  Exterior/interior parts, TPO roofing membranes, and PP outdoor furniture.
*  UV 3853PP5 shows a performance synergy with other light stabilizers, especially high molecular weight HALS (e.g.  LS 944,  LS 119) and benzoates ( UV 328), and UV absorbers.
-Outperforms other HALS in polyolefin substrates in terms of color stability, gloss retention, and property retention
-Superior solubility and compatibility with polyolefins, for fewer problems relating to exudation (“blooming”) than other low molecular weight HALS
-Synergistic performance with high molecular weight HALS, benzoate light stabilizers, and UV absorbers
– Concentrate form provides easy handling and dosing in polymer processing
-Low volatility and excellent resistance to migration
-Extensive food contact clearances
For additional information please consult the Material safety Data Sheet
25Kg Carton Box 
Keep container tightly closed and dry and storage in cool place

Our company is a professional supplier of functional material additives. Our products include antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers, light stabilizers, photoinitiators, heat stabilizers, nucleating agents, flame retardants, polyurethane chain extenders, nano light absorbing materials, antibacterial materials, functional masterbatches, colorants etc. After years of steadfast industry accumulation and technological innovation, a relatively complete additive industry chain has been formed in the rubber and plastic industry, ink industry, coating industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, functional resin and other industries. Significant achievements have been made in the field of additives.

Light Stabilizer 3853PP5

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