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A nonessential amino acid in human. It plays a key role in the glucose-alanine cycle between muscle tissue and the liver. It is widely used as an ingredient in infusion and infant formula.

Cas.No 56-41-7
Assay 99.0-101.0%
Specification White crystals or crystalline powder, odorless, slightly sweet taste
Applications Infusion
Packaging 25kg&50kg
Pharmacopeia USP,FCC,JP,EP
STORAGE Controlled room temperature in tight container


State of solution
Not Less Than 98.0%
pH 5.7~6.7
Specific rotation[α]20D +14.3~+15.2°
Specific rotation[α]25D +13.7~+15.1°
Ammonium (NH4) Not More Than 0.020%
Chloride (Cl) Not More Than 0.020%
Sulfate (SO4) Not More Than 0.020%
Iron (Fe) Not More Than 10 ppm
Heavy metals (Pb)** Not More Than 10 ppm
Arsenic (As2O3) Not More Than 1 ppm
Loss on drying Not More Than 0.20%
Residue on ignition Not More Than 0.10%
Related substances Not More Than 0.1%
Endotoxin* Less Than 6.0 EU/g
Assay (dry basis) 99.0~101.0%

· * The endotoxin-certified grade will be supplied on request.
· ** FCC grade (Lead : Not More Than 5 mg/kg) will be supplied on request.
· This product meets requirements of residual solvents listed in the current JP, USP and EP.


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