Fmoc-Glu(OtBu)-OH Hydrate Cas:71989-18-9

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Fmoc-Glu(OtBu)-OH Hydrate

Fmoc-L-glutamic acid 5-tert-butyl ester
Molecular Formula: C24H27NO6
Molecular weight: 425.47400
Appearance and properties: white powder
Density: 1.232 g/cm3
Boiling point: 638.1ºC at 760 mmHg
Melting point: 83-90 °C
Flash point: 339.7ºC
Refractive index: -4 ° (C=1, 80% AcOH)
Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Storage conditions: 2-8ºC
Uses: Using fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl chloride (or azide) and L-glutamic acid-5-tert-butyl ester as raw materials, acylation reaction is carried out under alkaline conditions, and the product is obtained after crystallization and purification.

Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
Appearance White to off-white powder Conform
Moisture ≤6.0% 4.21%
Purity ≥98.0% 99.89%
Conclusion Conforms to Factory Standard

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