ethoxyquin Cas:91-53-2

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ethoxyquin cas 91-53-2 manufacturer supply

Appearance: Reddish to brown granules; Yellow To Brown Liquid

Assay: 60-66% powder; 95% Liquid

Packaging 25kg/Bag; 200kg/Drum

Capacity: 1500MT/year

Sample: Available

Category: Admixture&Additives

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Chemical Name: Ethoxyquin

CAS No.: 91-53-2

Molecular Fomula: C14H19NO

Molecular weight: 217.31

Appearance: Reddish to brown granules; Yellow To Brown Liquid

Assay: 60-66% powder; 95% Liquid

Ethoxyquin powder Typical Properties

Items Specifications
Organic ethoxyquin % ≥66.6
Amorphous silica ≤33.4
Lead(ppm) ≤10
Appearance Reddish to brown granules

Ethoxyquin Liquid Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Ethoxyquin Content (%) ≥95.0
Para-Phenetidine (%) ≤1.0
Lead(ppm) ≤10.0
Arsenide(ppm) ≤2.0
Appearance Yellow To Brown Liquid

Ethoxyquin Usage prevent the fat and grease corruption and deterioration, maintain its energy and nutrients.

2. Preserve the activity of fat-soluble vitamins such as natural carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E in feed.

3. Prevent the oxidation and loss of lutein and pigment raw materials

4.there is a certain degree of mildew.

5. Significantly prolong the storage period of various feeds and feed ingredients.

Ethoxyquin Packaging and Shipping

25kg/Bag; 200kg/Drum

Ethoxyquin powder Storage

Place in a cool and ventilated place, pay attention to fire protection, sun protection, moisture protection.


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