Dimer Acid Diglycidyl Ester Cas:68475-94-5

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Dimer Acid Diglycidyl Ester

Dimer Acid Diglycidyl Ester
CAS: 68475-94-5

Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
Appearance Yellow transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities Cloudy transparent liquid
Viscosity(mpa.s,25℃) 300-900 500
Epoxy  value(eq/100g) 0.2-0.26 0.243
Hydrolyzable Chloride(% ≤2 0.231
Inorganic Chlorine
≤200 16
Moisture content(%) ≤0.1 0.05
Conclusion Conform to the enterprise standard

Dimer Acid Diglycidyl Ester is the diepoxide of a long chain aliphatic dimer acid. Dimer Acid Diglycidyl Ester is expected to find utility as a reactive additive which imparts a degree of flexibility to normally rigid epoxy systems. The low viscosity of Dimer Acid Diglycidyl Ester will reduce the viscosity of your formulation,allowing for increased filler loading and improved handling. Dimer Acid Diglycidyl Ester will increase toughness and tensile elongation and improve impact and thermal shock resistance.Improvements in tensile shear and peel adhesion will also be realized. These benefits are achieved, however, with some sacrifice in elevated temperature performance and chemical resistance.
➢ Floor coatings
➢ Adhesives
➢ Potting compounds
➢ Laminating
➢ Filament winding
➢ Grouts
➢ Joint Sealants
Package and storage
200L Drum.
This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.

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