Decyl Maltose Neopentyl Glycol Cas:1257852-99-5

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Decyl Maltose Neopentyl Glycol

Molecular Formula: C43H80O22
Formula Weight: 949.08

Storage Conditions: -20°C
CMC: (H2O) ~ 0.036mM(1) (0.0034%)
Purity: ≥98% all anomers (by HPLC analysis)
Percent Anomer: ≤ 4% anomers other than 1,3-bis-β (HPLC)
pH: 5-8 (1% solution in water)
Solubility: ≥ 20% (in water at 20°C)
Conductance: < 100 μS (10% solution in water)
Absorbance of a 1% solution in water
260 nm: ≤ 0.15
280 nm: ≤ 0.12
340 nm: ≤ 0.1

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