Chromium(III) picolinate

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Other name: 
Chromium Picolinate

Chromium(III) picolinate
Chromium picolinate
Chromium(III) Pyridine-2-carboxylate
Pyridine-2-carboxylic Acid Chromium(III) Salt
Picolinic Acid Chromium(III) Salt
Chromium, tris(2-pyridinecarboxylato-κN,κO)-

CAS No.: 14639-25-9

Molecular Formula: 


Molecular Weight: 418.33


Characters: Small purple-red crystalline powder, stable at room temperature, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, in which trivalent chromium as chromium.


Chromium Picolinate USP31 Export of pharmaceutical grade
Item Spec. Spec.
Purity[Cr(C6H4NO2)3dry]% 98.0-102.0 ≥99.0
Chromium[Cr] % ≥12.3
Chloride[Cl] % ≤0.06 ≤0.06
Lead [Pb] % ≤0.005
Arsenic[AS] % ≤0.0005
Loss on drying(105℃)% ≤4 ≤0.5
Fineness(150μm)% ≥95
Sulfate(SO4)% ≤0.2 ≤0.2

Chromium Picolinate Feed grade Feed grade(1‰hromium)
Item Spec. Spec.
Purity[Cr(C6H4NO2)3 dry]% ≥98.5 ≥0.08
Chromium[Cr] % ≥12.18 0.09-0.11
Lead [Pb] % ≤0.005 ≤0.001
Arsenic[AS] % ≤0.0005 ≤0.0005
Loss on drying(105℃)% ≤0.5 ≤2.0
Fineness(150μm)% ≥90 ≥90
Density(g/ml)% ≤0.45

Product Usage: The cell membrane can be passed directly on tissue cells, enhance insulin activity, improve glucose metabolism in the human body to enhance immune function and increase stress and reduce disease; to promote animal growth rate, the promotion of protein synthesis. The promotion of gonadal development, improve the quality of ovulation, improve reproductive performance; reduced ketone body fat, increase lean meat ratio, meat quality significantly improved. Improve the breeder egg fertilization rate and egg production rate quality.

Packaging: 25kg cardboard drum, lined with double plastic bags.

Storage Precautions: Stored in a dry, ventilated, cool warehouse, against moisture and fire.

Chromium(III) picolinate

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