chromium(iii) nitrate nonahydrate Cas:7789-02-8

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chromium(iii) nitrate nonahydrate

chromium(iii) nitrate nonahydrate cas 7789-02-8 manufacturer supply

Appearance: Black powder

Assay: 98%

Packing: 25kg/bag

Sample: Avaliable

Category: Inorganic Chemicals

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Chromium(III) nitrate nonahydrateDetails

Chemical Name:Chromium(III) nitrate nonahydrate

CAS No.: 7789-02-8

Molecular Formula:CrH18N3O18

Molecular Weight:400.14832

Appearance: Black powder

Chromium(III) nitrate nonahydrate Typical Properties

Item Index Results
Appearance Black powder Black powder
Content ≥98.00% 98.5%
Sulphates 0.05%max 0.035%
Chlorides 0.05%max 0.042%
Water Insoluble 0.1%max 0.06%

Chromium(III) nitrate nonahydrate Usage

It is used for producing chrome-containing catalyst, glass, ceramic glaze, mordant and corrosion inhibitor for printing and dyeing fabrics

It is used as analytical reagent, mordant and synthetic inorganic salts

Used in glass manufacturing, ceramic glaze and corrosion inhibitor.

Printing and dyeing industry as a mordant.

Inorganic synthesis is used to prepare chrome-containing catalysts.

It can be used as chrome-containing catalyst, glass, ceramic glaze, mordant and corrosion inhibitor for printing and dyeing fabrics

Used for making other inorganic and organic chromium compounds, catalysts and carriers, used as corrosion inhibitors and mordant, used in glass industry, ceramic glaze;

Chromium reagents for trivalent chromium electroplating.

Chromium(III) nitrate nonahydratePackaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/bag

Chromium(III) nitrate nonahydrate Storage

Keep in dry place, store in tight closed container.

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