Chitosan 2-hydroxypropanoate (salt) Cas:66267-50-3

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Chitosan 2-hydroxypropanoate (salt)

molecular formula: /
Molecular weight: /
Physical Properties:
  Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
  Appearance Off-white to light yellow flake or powder Conform
  Degree of Deacetylation ≥85% 87.8%
  Solubility in water ≥99% 99.8%
  Viscosity (mpa.s, 20℃) ≤200 40
  Moisture content ≤10% 5.1%
  pH 3-6 4.2
  Heavy metal (Pb) ≤2.0 ppm 0.23 ppm
  As ≤1.0 ppm <0.08 ppm
  Hg ≤0.2 ppm <0.08 ppm
  Cd ≤0.2 ppm <0.08 ppm
  Total plate count ≤1000 cfu/g Pass
  Mold and yeast ≤100 cfu/g Pass
  E.Coli ≤30 cfu/g Pass
  Salmonella None Pass
  Particle size 80 80
  Conclusion Conforms to Factory Standard

Chitosan lactate has good biocompatibility, excellent antibacterial properties, moisturizing properties, and potential other special uses, which can be used in dressings, sanitary materials, biochemical, food, tobacco additives, raw material intermediates and other fields .
Package and Storage:

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