CAS:79-94-7 2,2-Bis(3,5-dibromo-4-hydroxyphenyl)propane

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3,3′,5,5′-Tetrabromobisphenol A
2,2′,6,6′-Tetrabromobisphenol A
Tetrabromobisphenol A
Tetrabromobisphenol A
Flame retardant TBBA

Countertype or Equivalent:

Appearance: White powder Bromine content: ≥ 58.5%

Tetrabromobisphenol A is a versatile flame retardant. It is used for thermosetting resins such as phenolic resins and unsaturated polyester resins, as well as polystyrene, AS, ABS, etc. It is very effective as an additive flame retardant. It can be used as a reactive flame retardant in epoxy resin and polycarbonate to obtain better results. This product is mainly used as active brominated flame retardant, but also used as additive flame retardant. It is primarily used as a reactive flame retardant in the production of epoxy printed electronic circuit boards, by covalently bonding with epoxy and polycarbonate resins, and therefore no longer exists as a separate chemical entity. TBBPA is used as an additive flame retardant in the production of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) resins for electronic housings and consumer electronics with outer plastic housings. TBBPA is also used as a flame retardant for plastics, paper and textiles, and is suitable for office furniture and carpets. It is also a plasticizer in adhesives and coatings, used in high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) and phenolic resins, and as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of other flame retardants.

Packing: 25KG/bag.
Storage conditions: This product is stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse; keep away from sunlight; avoid fire; avoid moisture, and keep it sealed.

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