CAS:74401-04-0 SBQ Powder

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Photosensitive material SBQ

N-Methyl-4-(p-formylstyryl)pyridine methyl sulfate
N-Methyl-4-(p-formyl styryl)-pyridinium methyl sulfate
SBQ Powder
Photosensitive material SBQ
Photosensitive material SBQ
Photoresist SBQ

Countertype or Equivalent:

Appearance: Yellow crystalline powder Content: 98%min
Solubility: easily soluble in water
PH: 4-6

Used as a composite material for water-soluble photosensitive coatings. Mainly used for the production of silk screen photo gel. The performance is better than the binary diazo powder, with high stability, no dark reaction, high photosensitivity and thermal stability.
Negative working sensitizer for esterified pre-sensitized offset printing plates that replaces diazo intermediates but provides higher quality and faster exposure times with longer shelf life.
Application of SBQ:
1) Organic vinyl pyridine resin (SBQ photosensitive resin) Adding water-soluble resin and other additives, SBQ photosensitive resin can be made into a single-liquid type water-soluble SBQ photosensitive resin for the production of screen printing plates, through which it can be used for water-soluble Printing ink. Sizing material viscose. Printing images on textiles, clothes, and paper towels have the advantages of high sensitivity, good separation clarity, and smooth surface.
2) Organic vinyl pyridine resin (SBQ photosensitive resin) is added with water-resistant resin and other additives. SBQ photosensitive resin can be made into single-liquid type solvent-resistant. SBQ photosensitive resin is used to make solvent-resistant ink printing plates, and can be used for solvent-based inks, such as solder mask ink, letterpress ink, and stacking ink. Soluble inks, foam inks, etc., are mainly used for printed products: PCB, instrumentation, AD board, various brands, nameplates, decals, plastic, glass, metal, leather, etc.
3) Organic vinyl pyridine resin (SBQ photosensitive resin) can be provided for offset printing.

Packaging specifications are 100kg/drum, 25kg/drum.
This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.

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