CAS:617-86-7 Evonik Degussa Dynasylan TES

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Dynasylan TES

Triethylsilyl hydride

Countertype or Equivalent:
Evonik Degussa Dynasylan TES
Dynasylan TES


Exterior Colorless transparent liquid
content 99%

Multiple H atoms are attached to the silicon in organosilanes, giving them a reducing ability similar to ionic or radical properties. Changing the functional group attached to the silicon can change the character of the Si-H bond, allowing organosilane reagents to be used in specific reduction reactions. When the reaction substrates are carbocation intermediates such as alcohols, alkenes, esters, lactones, aldehydes, ketones, acetals, ketals, imines, etc., they can be reduced by triethylsilane, triethylsilane Silane is usually used under acidic conditions. Triphenylsilane and trimethylsilane can replace tri-n-butyltin hydride for radical reduction.
Organic synthetic protective agents, such as: Tamiflu, canagliflozin, oseltamivir, etc.

Nitrogen-filled airtight packaging in steel-plastic drums, net weight 140 kg.
Storage at room temperature, storage period of 12 months, no fire, ventilation and drying;
Rain and sunlight exposure are strictly prohibited, and they are transported as hazardous chemicals.

Dangerous Goods Classification 3

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