CAS:34036-80-1 Honeywell OS9000

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Honeywell OS9000

Phenyltributanone oximinosilane
Butan-2-one O-(3,9-dimethyl-6-phenyl-5,7-dioxa-4,8-diaza-6-silaundeca-3,8-dien-6-yl)oxime
Butan-2-one O,O’,O"-(phenylsilanetriyl)oxime
Phenyltris(butanone oximido)silane

Countertype or Equivalent:
Honeywell OS9000
Honeywell OS9000


Exterior Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
content 95.0%

This product can be used as a cross-linking agent for one-component neutral curing silicone sealants. It can be used alone or in combination with other oximosilanes to provide desired properties (eg cure rate, adhesion, etc.).

Standard packaging is 200Kg iron drum and 950Kg IBC drum.
Store in the original unopened container at 25℃ or below. The shelf life of this product is one year from the date of production. Expired products can only be used after passing the test.

non-dangerous goods

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