CAS:3388-04-3 Momentive Silquest A-186

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Shin-Etsu KBM-303

2-(3,4 epoxycyclohexyl)ethyltrimethoxysilane

Countertype or Equivalent:
Dow Corning Z-6043
Shin-Etsu KBM-303
Momentive Silquest A-186
Dow Corning Z-6043
ShinEtsu Z-6043
Momentive Silquest A-186


Exterior Colorless transparent liquid
content 99%
density 1.0650±0.0050
Refractive index 1.4510±0.0050

This product is an epoxy functional group coupling agent, which provides a stable storage and non-yellowing adhesion promotion effect. It is suitable as an adhesion promoter for polysulfide, polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic sealants and adhesives. Can significantly improve the adhesion and water resistance of sealants and adhesives to inorganic materials such as glass, metal, concrete, etc.
This product can improve the adhesion between epoxy resin and substrate, and improve the electrical properties of epoxy resin electronic materials, potting compounds and printed circuit boards, especially the wet electrical properties.
As a surface treatment agent for inorganic fillers, this product is suitable for silica micropowder, glass microbeads, aluminum hydroxide, clay, talc powder, wollastonite, white carbon black, quartz powder, metal powder, etc.
This product is used in water-based coatings such as acrylic and polyurethane. It can be used as an adhesion promoter and cross-linking agent to improve the adhesion strength, water resistance, abrasion resistance and scrub resistance of the coating.

The standard packaging is 200Kg iron drum and 1000Kg IBC container.
Store in the original unopened container at 25℃ or below. The shelf life of this product is one year from the date of production. Expired products can only be used after passing the test.

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