CAS:3277-26-7 Wacker Siloxane HSi2

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WACKER Siloxane HSi2

1,1,3,3 Tetramethyldisiloxane
Tetramethyldihydrodisiloxane (hydrogen-containing double head)
Bis(dimethylsilyl) oxide

Countertype or Equivalent:
WACKER Siloxane HSi2
Wacker Siloxane HSi2


Exterior Colorless transparent liquid
content 98%

This product is a hydrogen-terminated disiloxane, which can undergo an addition reaction with unsaturated olefins, so it is widely used to prepare hydrogen-terminated polysiloxane, which is used as a chain extender or cross-linking agent for silicone rubber; or It is used to synthesize various siloxane polymers end-capped with reactive functional groups, and is used as the modification of organosilicon copolymerization of organic polymers.
This product can also be used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis.

Net weight 20Kg and 130Kg barrels.
Store in the original unopened container at 25℃ or below. The shelf life of this product is one year from the date of production. Expired products can only be used after passing the test.
This product is a volatile, flammable, and explosive dangerous chemical. It is easy to react with moisture in the air or be destroyed by acid and alkali to form a polymer and release hydrogen. Therefore, it must be stored in a sealed stainless steel container. Save, protect from sun exposure, keep away from high temperature and open flame.

Dangerous Goods Classification 3

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