CAS:3069-40-7 Dow Corning Z-6672

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Degussa Dynasylan OCTMO


Countertype or Equivalent:
Evonik Degussa Dynasylan OCTMO
Dow Corning Z-6672
Degussa Dynasylan OCTMO
Dow Corning Z-6672


Exterior Colorless transparent liquid
content 98%
density 0.9070±0.0050
Refractive index 1.4160±0.0050

It can be used as a building waterproofing agent and protective agent, and can form a hydrophobic layer on the surface of the substrate, which can effectively prevent water seepage, sunlight, acid and alkali erosion, and prolong the service life of the building.
It can be used as a surface treatment agent for inorganic fillers to improve the dispersibility and compatibility of fillers in plastics, rubbers and resins.
It can be used as a dispersant for pigments, so that the treated pigments have better dispersibility.

Standard packaging is 180kg/drum or 900kg/drum.
Store in the original unopened container at 25℃ or below. The shelf life of this product is one year from the date of production. Expired products can only be used after passing the test.

Dangerous Goods Classification 6.1

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