CAS:17865-07-5 Propylsilanetriyl triacetate

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Propyl triacetoxysilane

Propyl triacetoxysilane
Propylsilanetriyl triacetate
[diacetyloxy(propyl)silyl] acetate
propyltris(ethanoyloxy) silane

Countertype or Equivalent:


Exterior Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Monomer content ≥90%
effective content ≥95%
Chloride ≤50ppm

It is mainly used as a crosslinking agent for vulcanized silicone rubber and silicone glass glue (acidic). It can be used in silicone sealant (acidic) to replace the ethyl crosslinking agent, which can greatly reduce the production cost and achieve the same effect.

Net weight 200Kg drum or 1000Kg IBC container.
Store in the original unopened container at 25℃ or below. The shelf life of this product is one year from the date of production. Expired products can only be used after passing the test.

Dangerous Goods Classification 8

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