CAS:127519-17-9;108-65-6 BASF TINUVIN 99-2

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UV Absorber UV 99-2
Light Stabilizer UV 99-2
benzotriazole derivatives
Ultraviolet Absorber UV 99-2
UV 99-2

Countertype or Equivalent:

Appearance: Light brown amber liquid Dynamic viscosity at 25°C: 2000 mPa s
Density at 20°C: 1.07 g/cm³

UV99-2 is a liquid UV absorber of the hydroxyphenyl-benzotriazole family used to meet the cost/performance and durability requirements of industrial coatings for wood and plastics. UV99-2 is a hydroxyphenylbenzotriazole liquid UV absorber used in the coating industry. Its excellent stability and environmental durability make it particularly suitable for protecting coatings used in high temperature bakes and under extreme harsh conditions, such as high-end automotive and industrial paints. Based on its broad absorption wave range, UV99-2 can effectively protect photosensitive substrates such as wood and plastic.
If the ultraviolet absorber UV 99-2 is used together with the hindered amine light stabilizer LS-292 or LS-123, the weather resistance of the coating will be significantly improved. The synergistic effect will make the automotive coatings work better, and have a good inhibitory effect on loss of gloss, cracks, chalking, foaming, peeling and discoloration.
If the color of the UV absorber UV99-2 has a great influence on the system, it is recommended to use UV384-2

Packing: net weight 25kg
Storage conditions: This product has good storage stability. High temperature and humidity should be avoided during storage and transportation. It should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture and heat.

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