CAS:115-86-6 TPP

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Triphenyl phosphate

Triphenyl Phosphate
Trisphenol A
Triphenyl phosphate
Flame Retardant TPP
Triphenyl phosphate
Phosphoric acid triphenyl ester
Flame retardant TPP

Countertype or Equivalent:

Appearance: White flake or powder Solid content: ≥99%
Acid value (mgKOH/g): ≤0.07
Free phenol: ≤0.05%
Freezing point: ≥48.0℃
Chroma (APHA): ≤50
Moisture: ≤0.1%

This product is mainly used for PVC, PU, epoxy resin, polyester fiber, PC/ABS, PPO/HIPS, PVAC, PS, CA, CAB, CA/CAB, VC/VAC, fiber resin, vinyl resin, natural and synthetic In rubber, vinyl resin, natural and synthetic rubber, hydraulic solutions and lubricating oils, cellulose polymers, polyurethane materials, and paints and varnishes, it can be used as a raw material for the preparation of agricultural pesticides, as an ethylating agent, and ketene produced catalyst.
This product can be used as a flame retardant plasticizer for cellulose resin, vinyl resin, natural rubber and synthetic rubber with low flame retardant efficiency, excellent mechanical property retention, transparency, softness and toughness. It is used in nitric acid Cellulose, various coatings, rigid polyurethane foam, plasticizers for engineering plastics, flame retardant additives.
Used to increase the plasticity and flow properties of plastics during molding. Used as a plasticizer for plastics such as nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate and polyvinyl chloride. It is used as a fixed solution for gas chromatography, a plasticizer for cellulose and plastics, and a non-flammable substitute for camphor in celluloid. Gas chromatographic stationary solution (the highest temperature is 175℃, the solvent is diethyl ether), the selectivity is similar to that of polyethylene glycol, and it can selectively retain alcohol compounds.

Packing: 25Kg composite paper bag or carton
Storage conditions: This product is stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse; keep away from sunlight; avoid fire; avoid moisture, and keep it sealed.

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