CAS:104810-48-2;129757-67-1 BASF Tinuvin 5060

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BASF Tinuvin 5060

UV Absorber UV-5060
Light Stabilizer UV-5060
Compound light stabilizer
Hybrid UV Absorber
Consists of 2-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)-benzotriazole UV Absorber (UVA) and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS)
Ultraviolet Absorber UV-5060

Countertype or Equivalent:
BASF light stabilizer Tinuvin 5060
BASF Tinuvin 5060
BASF Tinuvin 5060

Appearance: Viscous amber liquid
Dynamic viscosity at 25℃: 10000mPa.s
20℃ specific gravity: 0.98g/ml
Density: 1.028 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Boiling point: 678.4ºC at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: >230 °F Refractive Index: n20/D 1.479(lit.)
Vapor Pressure: 4.03E-10mmHg at 25°C

UV absorber UV-5060 is a blend of 2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-phenyltriazole UV absorbers and non-alkaline hindered amine light stabilizers, it is designed to meet cost-effective and demand Durable outdoor solvent-based industrial or architectural paints, especially in oxidative stoving and acid-catalyzed systems. Its broad UV absorbance and wavelength allow it to be used in a wide range of paints: wood, plastic and metal. Its non-basic NOR hindered amine character prevents interaction with catalysts, pesticides and acid components of pigments. The tight fit of this combination allows it to effectively protect the coating against loss of gloss, cracking, Blistering, delamination, color change, and adequate substrate protection.
Ultraviolet absorber UV-5060 is a multifunctional general-purpose light stabilizer that can be used in a variety of paint systems. It is used in multiple varnishes, paints and solvent-based systems. The recommended applications are as follows:
① Wood stain paint, varnish, wood conditioner, wax
② General industrial coatings
③ Heavy maintenance and marine coatings
④ Architectural coatings (tiles, walls, floors, etc.)
⑤ Glass and ceramic coatings (architectural glass, packaging materials, etc.)
⑥ Adhesive and adhesive layer
Ultraviolet absorber UV-5060 is especially recommended for use in varnishes and photopigment systems, such as:
① Thermoplastics (acrylic resin, vinyl, etc.)
② Acid catalytic coatings (acrylic, PES/melamine, etc.)
③ Oxidative drying system (alkyd resin, oil paint, wax, etc.)

Packing specification: 20kg blue plastic drum
Storage conditions: Store the product in a cool, dry and ventilated place, keep the container tightly closed; keep away from light; keep away from fire and heat sources; keep away from strong oxidants and strong reducing agents.

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