CAS:104810-48-2;104810-47-1;25322-68-3;41866-26-7;82919-37-7 BASF light stabilizer Tinuvin 5151

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BASF Tinuvin 5151

UV Absorber UV-5151
Light Stabilizer UV-5151
Compound light stabilizer
UV 5151 is a mixture of CAS 104810-48-2, 104810-47-1, 25322-68-3, 41866-26-7 and 82919-37-7
Ultraviolet Absorber UV-5151

Countertype or Equivalent:
BASF light stabilizer Tinuvin 5151
BASF Tinuvin 5151
BASF Tinuvin 5151

Appearance: light yellow liquid Active ingredient: ≥93%
Ash: ≤ 0.1%
Viscosity: ≤ 7000mPa.s
460nm: ≥95%
500nm: ≥97%

UV-5151 is a liquid composite light stabilizer for coatings. Its excellent thermal stability and environmental durability make it suitable for high temperature bake systems and industrial coatings used in extremely harsh environmental conditions. It meets the high cost/performance and durability needs of commercial distribution and industrial coating applications. Based on its broad absorption wave range, UV-5151 can effectively protect photosensitive substrates such as wood and plastic.

Packing: 20kg/drum
Storage conditions: This product has good storage stability. High temperature and humidity should be avoided during storage and transportation. It should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture and heat. Keep away from light; keep away from fire and heat sources; keep away from strong oxidants and strong reducing agents.

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