Carboxymethyl cellulose Cas:9004-32-4

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Carboxymethyl cellulose

molecular formula: C8H15NaO8
Molecular weight: 262.19000
Physical Properties:
Melting point: 274 °C (dec.)
Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
Appearance White powder Conform
Moisture ≤12% 10%
Purity ≥95% 96%
DS ≥0.85 0.92
pH (1% solution) 6-8 6.5
Viscosity (1% solution) 25oC ≥2800 3000
Conclusion Conforms to Factory Standard

It is used as a thickener in the food industry, as a drug carrier in the pharmaceutical industry, and as a binder and an anti-redeposition agent in the daily chemical industry. In the printing and dyeing industry, it is used as a protective colloid for sizing agent and printing paste, etc. It can be used as a component of oil fracturing fluid in petrochemical industry. This product has the functions of bonding, thickening, strengthening, emulsifying, retaining water and suspending.
Package and Storage:
Packed in paper drum or three-layer kraft paper, lined with plastic bag. Store in a dry and moisture-proof place. Keep away from fire and heat sources.

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