C.I. SOLVENT BLUE 70 Cas:12237-24-0

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c.i. solvent blue 70 cas 12237-24-0

Product Name: C.I. Solvent Blue 70

CAS No: 12237-24-0

Appearance: Blue powder

Category: Other

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C.I. Solvent Blue 70 Quick Details

Product Name: C.I. Solvent Blue 70

CAS No: 12237-24-0

Appearance: Blue powder

C.I. Solvent Blue 70 Typical Properties

Item Standard
Appearance Blue Powder
PH Value 6.0-8.0
Strength(%) 100±2
Shade approximation
Moisture(%) ≤2.0
Insolubles(%) ≤1.0

C.I. Solvent Blue 70 Usage

Wood stains, printing ink, aluminum foil coloring, hot stamping foil coloring, leather finish, baking finish, stationery ink, plastic coating

C.I. Solvent Blue 70 Package

25kg/fiber drum, or as customized package.

C.I. Solvent Blue 70 Storage

Sheltered, dry, dark place for storage.

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