Boron trifluoride-butyl ether complex Cas:593-04-4

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Boron trifluoride-butyl ether complex

Chemical Name:Boron trifluoride-butyl ether complex
Boron trifluoride-butyl ether
n-butyl ether boron trifluoride complex
Physical and Chemical Properties:
Density 0.959
Boiling Point 142.1ºC at 760mmHg
Molecular Formula C8H18BF3O
Molecular Weight 198.03400
Flash Point 158 °F
Exact Mass 198.14000
PSA 17.07000
LogP 3.48300
Appearance Light yellow to colorless liquid
BF3 33-35%
Moisture ≤0.3%
Fe ≤0.001%
SO42- ≤0.035%%
Specific Ravity (20℃) g/cm³ 1.026±0.005
Packing:1000 kg/IBCdrum, can also be packaged according to customer requirements
Storage:Store in a cool, ventilated place
Use:Can be used as a catalyst for the synthesis of polyoxymethylene resin.
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