Belotecan hydrochloride(CKD-602) Cas:213819-48-8

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Belotecan hydrochloride(CKD-602)

Belotecan hydrochloride(CKD-602)
Belotecan HCl
Camtobell hydrochloride
CKD 602
Belotecan (hydrochloride)

molecular formula: C25H28ClN3O4
Molecular weight: 469.96100
Physical Properties:
Boiling point : 772.4ºC at 760mmHg
Flash point: 420.9ºC
Vapor Pressure : 4.21E-25mmHg at 25°C

Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
Appearance A light-yellow solid A light-yellow solid
Identification NMR Conform to standard
Purity  ≥99%  99.95%
Water content <10% 8.06%
Conclusion Conform to the enterprise standard
CKD-602 hydrochloride is a novel camptothecin derivative antitumor drug.
Package and Storage:
1kg/bottle or bag
25kgs/drum or bag

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