Antioxidant DHOP

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poly(dipropyleneglycol)phenyl phosphite
Molecular Formula: C102H134O25P8
Molecular Weight: 2007.93000

REFRACTIVE INDEX   1.534-1.538
SPECIFIC GRAVITY   1.130-1.250

● DHOP is high molecule phosphite ester Antioxidantswith very high phosphorus
● DHOP has stronger ability to decompose hydroperoxide(ROOH) than common phosphite
Antioxidants. It has free hydrxyl number of approximately 20mg KOH/g
● DHOP is widely used as secondary antioxidant in many polymers including PVC
Polyurethane(PU) and etc it can be used with hinder phenolic antioxidant and UV Absorbers to have Synergist effect.
-PVC Film
-Polyurethane Film and glue
-Rubber and Latex
-Rosin and unsaturated resins
-PUR Coatings 
200 KG Drum
Keep container tightly closed and dry and storage in cool place

Our company is a professional supplier of functional material additives. Our products include antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers, light stabilizers, photoinitiators, heat stabilizers, nucleating agents, flame retardants, polyurethane chain extenders, nano light absorbing materials, antibacterial materials, functional masterbatches, colorants etc. After years of steadfast industry accumulation and technological innovation, a relatively complete additive industry chain has been formed in the rubber and plastic industry, ink industry, coating industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, functional resin and other industries. Significant achievements have been made in the field of additives.

Antioxidant DHOP

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