Ammonium bisulfite Cas:10192-30-0

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Ammonium bisulfite

Ammonium bisulfite
Ammonium acid sulfiteammoniummonosulfiteammoniumsulfite,hydrogenammoniumbisulfite,solidAMMONIUM BISULFITE SOLUTIONammoniumhydrosulfiteammoniumbisulfite,solutionmonoammoniumsulfiteAMMONIUM HYDROGEN SULFITEammonium hydrogensulphite
molecular formula: H5NO3S
Molecular weight: 99.10960

Physical Properties:
Density: 2.03g/cm3
Melting point: 147°C
Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
Appearance Light yellow liquid Light yellow liquid
PH value 4.7-5.5 4.9
 Density(20℃) 1.39-1.42 1.400
NH4HSO3+(NH4)2SO3 ≥68.5% 69.5%
(NH4)2SO3 1.0-5.0% 3.9%
NH3 12.6-13.8% 13.3%
SO2 44-46% 45.0%
SO2 %/ NH3 % 3.2-3.6 3.38
Ammonium Thiosulfate ≤800ppm 270ppm
Conclusion conforms 
1. Used as a preservative, reducing agent, and also used in the manufacture of sulfur dioxide, hydrosulfite, etc. In the field of water treatment, it can be used as an oxygen scavenger for boiler water, drilling mud, and closed-circuit circulating water cooling water to prevent the corrosion of equipment by dissolved oxygen. Especially suitable for small and medium low pressure boilers. In the drilling industry, ammonium bisulfite and crystalline Fe3O4 (as a catalyst) are compounded and added to the drilling mud containing montmorillonite, which can effectively remove the dissolved oxygen in the mud and prevent the corrosion of the well pipe. In addition, ammonium bisulfite can be used in the manufacture of pure liquid sulfur dioxide, hydrosulfite, hanging white lumps, and certain dyes and medicines; in the manufacture of synthetic fibers, it is a raw material for the production of caprolactam; in the pulp and paper industry, it is used for pulp cooking and Bleaching, etc.
2. In the field of water treatment, it can be used as a deoxidizer for boiler water, drilling mud, and closed-circuit cooling water to prevent the corrosion of equipment by dissolved oxygen.
Package and Storage:

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