Aliquat 336 Cas:63393-96-4

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Aliquat 336

Aliquat 336 CAS 63393-96-4 manufacturer supply

Assay:≥99.0% Appearance: Yellow Viscous Liquid Or Cream Capacity:50tons/month Packing:20kgs/drum Sample:available

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Category: Inorganic Chemicals Tag: Methyl trioctyl ammonium chloride

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Aliquat 336

Aliquat 336 quick details:

Chemical Name: Aliquat 336

Other Name: Methyl trioctyl ammonium chloride

CAS No.: 63393-96-4

EINECS No.: 264-120-7

Molecular Formula: C25H54ClN

Molecular weight: 404.15596

Appearance: Yellow Viscous Liquid Or Cream

Molecular Structure:

Aliquat 336 Typical Properties:

Appearance Yellow Viscous Liquid Or Cream PASS
Color ≤200 Hazen 82
Moisture ≤0.8% 0.41%
Assay ≥99.0% 99.15%
Conclusion Qualified

Aliquat 336 Packing: Packing:20kgs/drum, 7.2tons/20’container with pallets

Aliquat 336 Application: Used as metal extractant and phase transfer catalyst.

Aliquat 336 Stroage: Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature.

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