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Chemical Name: (6-diphenylphosphanyl-10H-phenoxazin-4-yl)-diphenylphosphane
Molecular Formula:C36H27NOP2
Molecular Weight:551.55300


Physical and Chemical Properties:
Density: /
Boiling point: 662.1ºC at 760mmHg
Melting point: 256-262ºC
Flash point: 354.3ºC
Refractive index: /

Appearance:White to tan crystals or powder

Packing:25 kg/drum, can also be packaged according to customer requirements
Storage:Keep the container tightly closed, put it in a tight dispenser, and store in a cool, dry place.
Application:4,6-Bis(Diphenylphosphino)phenoxazine is used as a palladium catalyst in reactions involving the synthesis of triarylmethanes.


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